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Major Hardwood Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) There are so many wood flooring options … how do I know which is right for me?

(A) A lot depends on what type of home and lifestyle an individual or family maintains and whether the house is empty or full of furniture.. for instance, there are a variety of “pre finished” wood flooring options which are nice because they are already sanded and finished.. These types of wood floors allow the floors to be installed in homes that are already furnished. We can simply scoot furniture to one side of the room and install half the room then scoot furniture onto the finished part of the floor and finish installing the remaining side of the room and the job is finished !

If you choose to go with an “unfinished” wood floor, the room, or rooms must remain unoccupied and free of all furniture while the sanding and finishing process is taking place.

(Q) Which type of flooring is better… Unfinished solid wood floors or prefinished wood floors? … and what are the differences between the two?

(A) The main differences are that most “prefinished” floors are not solid wood, meaning they are several different thin layers of wood combined with just a thin top surface layer being the desired wood grain and color, which means they can never be sanded and refinished. And depending on their tongue and groove locking system, many prefinished floors don’t allow for custom design installation, like accent borders, or any kind of custom pattern changing design.

The features that makes “unfinished” solid wood floors unique are that they can be installed with any type of design pattern, for instance you could have maple flooring in a room, and run a border of mahogany a foot out from the walls all the way around the room and can be sanded and finished with any type of stain color and choice of finish !

Also solid wood floors can be sanded multiple times, and can simply just be “re-coated” at any time if the floor gets scratched !

Also as styles change over time, you could refinish a solid wood floor previously stained one color and stain it a different color ! .. or just go back to the natural color or vice versa !

(Q) If I choose an “unfinished” flooring product or need an existing one refinished should I expect there to be a lot of dust?

(A) ABSOLUTELY NOT ! although many companies don’t bother with vacuums or dust prevention tactics. MAJOR HARDWOOD ABSOLUTELY DOES ! We use vacuum systems as well as other techniques to assure a dust free environment ! Not only to respect your home, but to respect our health, because we don’t want to breath it either.

(Q) How long do we have to stay off our freshly refinished floor?

(A) After the finishing or refinishing process is complete, you can walk on your floors the next day. The finish will dry overnight ! but its recommended to wait a couple days before putting heavy objects on the floor, although the finish is dry, it is still curing, and more subject to scratches in the first few days.

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